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The Village CBD Company Ambassador Program

"If you’re like me and want to do something really cool and make that EXTRA money for all those things you would like to have or do – read on! Our community is all about creating one great model that works for a bunch of entrepreneurs. A model that will facilitate an income stream for you and your family based on YOUR effort. A model that is expensive for one but CHEAP when it’s spread out amongst many. A model that has everything you need to operate a small business except for the time you want to spend on it. So easily said, we can give you all the tools to be successful except your own" blood sweat and tears. Russ CEO-Founder


The ambassadors

The ambassadors
The Village CBD Company is a Community of PEOPLE “Ambassadors” who are passionate about CBD and its many benefits and are interested in starting their own small business to sell to family, friends and support a community of neighbors and coworkers.  When we started, we realized very quickly that there were many people just like us. We had the time and desire to start a CBD business but limited resources to do all the stuff necessary to start it up like finding reliable Product, carry inventory, develop and maintain a web site, have a call center for customer service etc.
Before we go over our Ambassador Program let’s see what this industry is all about. The CBD industry is forecasted to be $22 Billion dollars by the end of 2020. That’s huge and now is the time to get involved. CBD is a bit of a mystery because its roots, no pun intended, is the Hemp Plant which of course is where Marijuana also has its roots. The difference is plain and simple there is little to no THC in CBD. That’s why CBD is Legal in the good old USA. We sell only USA Organically Grown, Processed and Third Party Tested CBD.
So why do you want to get involved? Our Ambassador Program is designed for people who want to make that extra money to better support their personal or family’s financial goals with little to no financial risk. Everyone has these personal goals whether it’s a vacation fund, and educational fund or to just extra money to help ends meet during difficult times. I know what I’m talking about because unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth this is how we all live.
Let’s go over a few things so you know what to expect by applying for the Ambassador Program. First, I want you to read up on CBD. You can find some great information on about CBD and our Products. Or just do the Google thing “what is CBD”. Next we will do a personal phone interview. You will be sent an Independent Contractor Sales Agreement and a Nondisclosure Agreement.
Then the fun begins. The Ambassador Program will provide you with training material on the CBD industry and each of our products so you can converse confidently with your friends and family.
With our Ambassador Program you do not stock or carry inventory, you do not deliver sold product. All orders are processed by The Village CBD Company and shipped directly to your customers. Your customers will receive  order confirm emails, ship confirm emails and even a thank you note from you after the shipment. We provide you with The Village CBD Company personalized business cards and personalized emailable brochures. Optionally, we can answer your Ambassador customer service calls and emails to help increase sales. Once a month you receive a commission check based on your net shipped sales during the prior calendar month.
So, if this sounds good then please apply today, simple fill out the below form and let’s get going!

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Russ Strunk
Founding Partner and CEO
Proud to have served our Great County
US Navy Veteran


The Founder

Russ Strunk

C.E.O Founder

Combining powerful executive management skills with a tireless work ethic over the last 45 years, Russ has guided elite Fortune 500 product management and sales teams to extraordinary achievement at some of the world’s most successful businesses.

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